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Find answers to your questions about our Virtual Assistant Services, web development, digital marketing, and BPO services. Explore our FAQ section for quick and helpful information.

We provide our clients with a Virtual Assistant for their required services. Our virtual assistant, who is from India, will work in an office setting under the guidance of managers who will keep an eye on the calibre of their job.

For your business-related tasks, a real person will virtually assist you. A few of our clients even engage our virtual assistants for their personal needs, such as keeping track of their personal spending, paying bills, ordering birthday gifts for family members online, booking restaurant or hotel rooms for relatives, etc.

Almost any form of task that can be carried out using a computer and doesn't call for personal presence is a task. All of our virtual assistants are able to learn new skills and enjoy doing so. Data entry, administration, payroll/invoice entry, transcription services, chat/email assistance, lead generation, etc. are typical tasks requested by clients.

In an office setting, the VA will be managed by a Manager. Manager makes sure VA treats clients professionally and completes tasks on schedule and to the best of their ability. The manager will be the client's point of contact for sharing criticism or praise of their VA.

Yes, we do pay attention to you. If you are unhappy with the VA who is currently working for you, you can let the manager know, and he will make arrangements for a replacement VA and oversee training on your behalf. For this reason, we typically record the training session.

Yes, if necessary, another VA will assist your current VA in finishing your tasks without incurring any additional costs. If you need a second VA to fulfil your needs, it will be treated as a separate subscription.

Our VA's are located in India. Chennai, TamilNadu.

Few tasks require highly skilled virtual assistants with advanced technological knowledge, who typically charge more than conventional virtual assistants. Because of this, we charge an additional $12 per hour and have fewer services available. Therefore, if such services are needed in addition to the ordinary responsibilities, we ask clients to let us know in advance.

Yes, the client can request to pause the subscription and have the services suspended without any time restrictions.

No, except from the hourly rates listed on the website, there are no extra hidden fees.

Yes, we are completely flexible regarding plan upgrades or downgrades.

Yes, all transactions are secure and encrypted. We make use of CC Avenue, the best payment gateway.

Please contact us through Email / Whats App/ Live chat / Call or through the enquiry form mentioned in the website.

We don't currently have a PayPal account. PayPal services have been temporarily blocked due to excessive PayPal fees and inflation.

Our office is located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, and India.

Our VA’s operate in the EST time zone, but they are adaptable to client’s needs.

Each client will have a spreadsheet with their hours tracked on it, which will be shared with them on a regular basis or as necessary.

We are continuously driven to please our customers. The performance of our VAs can be evaluated during trial hours. After the client has selected his or her VA, he or she might assign the VA a few tasks to gauge performance. Payment may be paid once the client is confident. There will be a maximum 8 hours of trial period available for monthly subscription plans.

The Data Protection Act is rigorously observed by us. When the customer begins to assign the work,
we always sign a nondisclosure agreement (NDA) and deliver the required documents.

The client is allowed to choose the method of communication he prefers. In addition to a BEWAGE email address, VA will provide personal contact information. The manager's home phone number and BEWAGE email address will also be provided to the client. The client can also create a Google Workspace or Slack account in order to connect with the VA.

1. Enquiry form will be submitted by the client.
2. Call will be scheduled by BEWAGE Manager to discuss requirements and expectations.
3. Appropriate VA will be introduced to the client and basics task will be assigned to exhaust the trial hours.
4. Once client is satisfied with VA’s performance, payment can be made for the generated invoice.

A payment link will be sent to the client along with invoice for the payment.

When there are only a few hours remaining on the current subscription, the client will be informed. After approval, an invoice and payment link will be emailed. Discounts ranging from 10% to 15% are available for payments which are WIRED.

Yes, WIRED payments are eligible for discounts ranging from 10% to 15%.

Yes, you can pay with a debit or credit card. You will receive the payment link following the completion of the trial hours for that particular plan.

Definitely, yes. Depending on the renewal package (how many months you are renewing for), you will receive a discount of 10 to 15%.

Yes, it is available based on the client requirement. Longer the subscription, higher the discount.

We value the business you send our way. An incentive for referring people will be offered as an additional reduction on renewal packages.

Native virtual assistants charge more than $30 per hour due to excessive inflation. However, Indian virtual assistants are now priced at $8.5 per hour, and we assure that the quality of their work will not be compromised.

Yes, there are no contracts or required minimum subscription hours. If the client so desires, the subscription may be discontinued at any time, and amount for the unused hours will be reimbursed without further inquiry, unless there is issue with VA's performance.

Yes, you can stop using the services at any time, and a prorated refund will be given. Hours not used will be reimbursed.

Once the client has confirmed the cancellation, the process will begin. However, it typically takes 5 to 7 business days for the payment to reflect on the banking side. As soon as the refund is made, a payment reference will be issued.

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For any inquiries relating to Our Services feel free to speak to us personally by call or fill up the form

Head office address:

3556 Hartford Way Vlg, Mount Pleasant, SC, 29466, India

Call for help:

(734) 697-2907
(843) 971-1906

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